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If you are creative, passionate, deeply interested in an engineering or quantitative discipline, and define yourself as a doer, then Causality Group is the right place for you. Become part of a multicultural team where you will be working in a bright environment, and tackling new challenges that often require out-of-the-box solutions.

Do you enjoy what you do and always look for ways to improve performances? If so, drop us a line to Contact us. We would love to have a chat, coffee, or lunch with you so that we can learn more about each other.

Our software engineers are the core drivers of our company. As a result of their intrinsic motivation to create clean, reusable, and tested code, the company can easily move in new directions. As we have experience with software engineering at small and large financial and research organizations, we only work with productivity-oriented tools with good external support.

Our programmers work directly with users, and they also have access to the source code and actively develop new tools.

The ideal candidate has experience in software engineering in large organizations or is an out-of-university talent. We mostly work with Python / pandas and C++ on Linux.

Quantitative analysts seek methods and new information sources that help us look deeper into the drivers of asset returns. These analysts reveal new angles on our data, increase transparency with performance and risk attribution, and devise new trading strategies. Quant analysts often look for novel trading signals, or design and build optimal control algorithms for better order book execution.

The ideal candidate is a hands-on person, holds a PhD in a quantitative or engineering discipline (such as computer science, physics, or math), and has experience analyzing data. Having a doctorate is not a definite requirement. Let us know if you think we should talk futher.

Quantitative portfolio managers are also hands-on experts at our firm. We believe that it is impossible to achieve great results without having a thorough understanding of the whole trading process, including the technical details.

Our portfolio managers are different to the rest of the firm, because they are responsible for their portfolios and spend their time solely on understanding markets and how they could further improve performance.

Portfolio managers have past experience with trading, and often arrive to this position from having worked as a quantitative analyst first.

Why us?

A unique working experience

Being part of our team is a unique working experience and we want you to develop your career with us in the long term. In Causality Group our philosophy is enjoying our life at work and also allow passionate activities of life in the workplace. You will see at our office that we take health, comfort and fun seriously.

You will be working with a professional and passionate team, in an outstanding multicultural environment.

We focus on the latest technology, machine learning, and statistical methods

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