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a multicultural team

Be a part of our creative, energetic, diverse and results-oriented group on your terms. Interact with our Madrid-based team and leverage our expertise without moving. Become a trader with no preconceived Causality mandate, above market payout and all benefits of completely independent infrastructure and operational set up.

Design, develop, operate and maintain your own trading system or trading signals, i.e., assume end to end autonomy on your own quantitative system. Set up, enhance and maintain the required infrastructure. Deliver returns to the capital Causality allocates to your portfolio.

Profit from models will be aggressively shared with the Trader Associate. Where possible portfolios will be held in a separately managed account so as to allow maximum transparency.

Ideally you will function autonomously, but the firm stands prepared to supply resources, guidance and discussion on at least the following stages of the investment process:

1. Data treatment and preparation,

2. Quantitative research,

3. Model development and validation,

4. Trading system implementation, and

5. Execution.

The Trader Associate will benefit from entrenched broker relationships where they exist, and negotiated ones where they don’t; in any case, there is no intermediation by Causality and Associate will have direct access the lowest commissions structures obtained.

Models will turn over at short to medium frequency. Holding period upper bound should be one week roughly.

Net beta exposure will be around zero.

Target Sharpe ratio will be above two.

Trading universe will span any subset of public traded assets (no OTC), viz. equity, ETFs, futures, options, crypto.

Live track record showing trades, positions and returns will be available.

Backtests to complement short or missing track record will also be available.

The Trader will possess an advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, or similar.

The Trader will have experience conducting data science research or systematic trading for two years at least, though not necessarily in industry or in finance.

The company has its main office in Madrid, but the role allows for working remotely.

We focus on the latest technology, machine learning, and statistical methods

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